Remote Starts

Remote Starts are warm in winter and cool in summer! Our certified technicians solder all & plan consistent connections. Our installs come with a two year warranty, and will not affect your car’s warranty.

Diesel, gas, and hybrid cars, SUVs, straight, box and pick-up trucks start a little differently as you may need to wait for the glow plugs to heat up no matter what year. If you have been told “no” by someone else, call us to see what we can do for you!

New Car Warranty

People often ask me “Will this remote start affect my new car warranty?”
The simple answer is no. Many consumers are confused regarding the installation and service of third party accessories for their vehicles. This confusion often is the result of incorrect information intended to convince you that only the manufacturer or authorized dealer should service your vehicle.

​The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act is Federal Law enacted in 1975 establishing warranty requirements. “Warranties, written or implied, cannot be conditioned on the consumer’s use of any article or service identified by brand, trade, or corporate name.” This prohibition against conditioning warranties on the use of authorized items or services can only be waived by the Federal Trade Commission.

Install Options

One-Button Operation:

  • 1,000 feet Range
  • Runs Vehicle for 12 min. (default) (run time is programmable)
  • Gas & Diesel Compatible

4-Button Operation:

  • 1/4 Mile Range
  • Door Lock/Unlock
  • Alarm
  • Two way Confirmation
  • Digital Run-time Display
  • Gas & Diesel Compatible
  • Automatic & Manual Transmissions
  • Trunk & Door Pop

*Limitations based on vehicle’s intelligence.

4-Button Operation + 1/2 Mile Range:

  • Includes all above, plus increased range to 1/2 mile

Smart Phone Integration

ByPASS is needed to bypass the factory-made deterrent system to allow your remote
start to start your car. It is not meant to add theft deterrent. The good news is, your car is no less secure than before.

Three levels of ByPASS:

  • Basic – for Older Cars
  • Advanced – for Newer Cars
  • Specialized – for Vehicle specific

“Mr. Johnson installed a remote start on my week old KIA Sorento. There was an issue (the back hatch wouldn’t open-with either the new fob or the factory fob), so I took the vehicle back a few days later. He got right on it, and called his supplier. They went through everything from fuses to (you name it). I remembered reading that there was an “open the hatch” button next to the sun roof switch.
Anyway, to make a long story short there is a brand new button on the 2014’s to “shut off” the hatch – Oh Boy – embarrassing. I don’t remember touching it, but it was toggled off. In any case, Mr. Johnson then demo’d his fob and the factory fob. Everything worked!
There was an hour of his time wasted – three hours of my time wasted (driving back)
all because of an off switch that was brand new on the model that I had.
In any case, had it been me, I wouldn’t have had a smile on my face as he did. His work was A-1. As it worked out, his installation was perfect.
So, “Thank You” Mr. Johnson – Fred Baker”

“Had Larry Johnson install an automatic drone car starter on my 2014 Nissan Altima and strongly recommend Johnson Automotive. Larry went the extra mile by calling periodically to ensure things were working well and to see if there was anything else that he could do. Nice small town customer service which is hard to find nowadays. – Darren Brant”

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Overview of remote start

How much range do you need?

Every October, we offer a way to help our community PLUS get a discount on your remote start purchases, by supporting “Coats for Kids.”

Stop in and ask for details!


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